wedding speeches in Wales

Want to do something different for your wedding speech? Here’s a little inspiration for you…

Check out our inspiring ideas! Don’t know where to begin with your wedding speech? Inspiration is everywhere – if you’re open to it! Here are a few clever tips to ...
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wedding speeches

How to be a best man without getting a black eye

Avoid the best man bear traps! So, you’ve been asked to be the best man at your mate’s wedding. Now, all you have to do is organise the stag night, ...
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wedding speeches for best man

When wedding speeches go so wrong…

Don't get foot-in-mouth disease with your best man or father of the bride speech There have been some spectacularly bad wedding speeches. From revealing the bride’s, er, interesting past to ...
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wedding speeches Wales

I don’t need a wedding speechwriter…do I?

Enjoy the day - don't dread that speech If you’re confident, calm, ready to deliver a speech at the wedding, then you don’t. If, however, you’re not prepared, you’re worried ...
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