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Reflect the theme of the wedding – Is it a vintage theme? Think war-time spirit, keeping calm and carrying on, and the speeches of Winston Churchill. Never in the field of organising a wedding, have so many owed so much to so few! If your happy couple is having a Rat Pack wedding, you have the perfect pay-off line. Why not tell them the best is yet to come?

Create a funny back story – One best man decided his groom was really a spy, created a secret ‘dossier’ about him, and got the ushers to behave like secret service agents. He even put the venue into ‘lockdown’ with lighting effects.

Use a flip chart and involve the whole room – A little bit of audience participation can make for a truly funny speech, provided you’re ready to improvise around it. Ask the friends and family for words they associate with the couple and write a word cloud on the flip chart. Having a couple of people who are in on the act to start things off is always a good idea.

Film a ‘mockumentary’ – Some speeches are now given on video, with a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the happy couple. Think Spinal Tap meets Wedding Crashers. These videos need to be cleverly created, scripted tightly, and edited well to ensure they work on the day.

Use hats – Document the life of one of the happy couple in hat form, from baby’s bonnet to mortar board, and bring in some ridiculous hats such as a deerstalker, diving helmet, or crash helmet, to make funny points.

Power your speech with Powerpoint – Forget any ideas this has to be a tedious business presentation. This Powerpoint can be funny, ridiculous, feature old photographs, pictures of the couple together, and even pie charts about their shared interests. You also get to use one of those cool laser pointers.

Get the tissues out – Handing tissues around the room before you start, implying there won’t be a dry eye in the house, is a great way of breaking the ice. Make your speech funny and witty, crack some groan-worthy jokes, and those tissues will come flying back to you!

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