When wedding speeches go so wrong…

wedding speeches for best man

Don’t get foot-in-mouth disease with your best man or father of the bride speech

There have been some spectacularly bad wedding speeches.

From revealing the bride’s, er, interesting past to telling the bride her new husband had once been arrested for cocaine possession, best men can get themselves into serious trouble.

Even parents of the bride and groom can get it very, very wrong – especially if they forget to praise the bride!

Here are some of our favourites:

  • The brother of the groom who said: “I don’t know why you made me best man. Your wife hates me, and we don’t get along…”
  • The groom’s father who raised his glass and said: “When I first met Donna*, I didn’t like her….” Then walked away. *Name changed to protect the innocent!
  • After a terrible speech full of stumbles, the best man told the groom: “Sorry…I’ll do better at your next wedding.” The father of the bride was, um, unimpressed!
  • The best man who said: “Well if these two can get married…uh…anyone can…”
  • The best man who outed the bride’s pregnancy at the speeches by saying: “Congratulations to the new parents!” Neither set of parents had been told.
  • The father of the bride who banged on about his failed marriage and told the newlyweds their happiness made him unhappy…
  • The father of the older bride who stumbled through a speech which compared his daughter to a plane stuck on a runway waiting for a late take-off.
  • The best man who said of his friend the groom: “Finally, you found someone with low enough self-esteem to marry you…”
  • The best man who said: “I thought you’d all be too drunk to notice I haven’t prepared anything. Anyway, congratulations!” Then, he sat down…

Some rules for avoiding foot-in-mouth disease!

Best men:

  1. Don’t mention the bride’s past love life. Her family will hate you, the groom will resent you, and if you’re looking to impress the bridesmaids, you’ve scored a spectacular own goal.
  2. Revealing family secrets won’t make you popular, either. Check with the couple if people know about pregnancies and past indiscretions.
  3. It’s not about you, it’s about the bride and groom. Moaning on about problems and strained relationships with either of them will make the day feel super awkward.
  4. Remember – your banter with your mate may be savage, but his granny doesn’t know or understand that relationship. Being cruel will make you look like a tool out to ruin his day, so think before you insult.

Fathers of the bride:

  1. Your daughter is the star attraction and you have a supporting role. Making your speech about family strains or how much you did for her is not how it’s done. You look bad, she feels bad, and it sours relationships.
  2. If you hate the groom, now’s not the time to tell the world. Your daughter has made her choice, and now’s the time to support her.

Here’s the best piece of advice we can give you…

Make like a boy scout and be prepared.

Get a speech written, practise it on a few people and get their feedback, and re-write it if necessary.

Don’t go into the day terrified about delivering it.

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